Frequently asked questions

Will the soap saving dish and body scrubber last forever?

Definitely not! And that's the whole point. We use natural materials so it won't be around for decades polluting the environment. But the more TLC you give it, the longer it will last.

How should I look after my lovely new soap saving dish and body scrubber?

Bottomline.... less water in the dish - the longer it will stay looking its best. It's a beautiful thing made from living, breathing natural materials - it will change colour, it may even go a bit black and shows some cracks. This is totally normal. The antimicrobial properties of the bamboo will keep it smelling lovely and fresh. We recommend the following tips to the get the most out of your soap saving dish and body scrubber: 1. Shake your soap a couple of times over the sink before placing it back on the bristle. This will get most of the water off the soap, reducing the amount of water that may collect in the dish. 2. After each use of the scrubber, again, a few shakes over the sink will remove most of the water from the bristles to reduce the amount of water collecting in the dish. 2. Only when absolutely necessary, pour out any additional water that collects in the dish. But you shouldn't need to do this if you are using the scrubber regularly enough. 4. Lastly, give it a rinse from time to time. Ideally just after using the scrubber so as not to wash away all that wonderful saved soap on the bristles.

What's so great about bamboo and what does antimicrobial even mean?

We only use bamboo from FSC certificated sources. Its a faster growing wood which uses less water to grow than other more traditionally used wood in similar products, like beech. This makes is more sustainable and eco friendly. The bamboo is a clever plant and naturally produces a bio-agent known as "bamboo kun". This has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties which protects the plant. These properties stay with the wood even after its processed. So the scrubber will stay smelling fresh forever!

Whats sisal?

Sisal is a plant, originally from Mexico but now found all over the world. Its leaves produce stiff fibres which can be used in many products - just like the bristles in our scrubber.

Is the bamboo coated?

Yes, we use an eco varnish to coat the bamboo to help it last even longer.

How is it vegan?

None of the materials used are from animals, such as the bristles. Often brushes sold as "natural" use pig or animal hair for the bristles. We only use sisal plant.

Where is it made?

Currently we have our soap saving dish and body scrubbers made in China as close to the material source as possible to help reduce unecessary transportation of unfinished materials. We are endeavouring to move production to the UK.