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the all-in-one

soap saving dish and body ScrubbeR

all natural biodegradble materials

eco & vegan friendly 

antimicrobial bamboo

Saves the soap

helps the planet


... and less soap waste

no more soggy soap...

stop your soap turning to goo from sitting in a pool of soap slime... yuck

any excess soapy water drains on to the bristles coating them with soap ready for when your hands or other parts need a good scrub

the bristles lift the soap allowing air to flow drying the soap quickly

what's not to love?

bamboo body 

Fast growing & sustainable material

Uses less water to grow than traditional wood

Naturally antimicrobial, won't get smelly

Ergonomic design

FSC Certified sources


sisal bristles

No man-made or animal materials

100% plant bristles

Vegan friendly

Medium stiffness to be tough on dirt but gentle on skin